guesthouse, restaurant and more…

a large, bright room.
A space for co-creation, conversations, activities, and various surprises!

In the space Espaço

Also in house next door is a large, bright room that arose from the idea of providing a space where space could be generated for co-creation…

A space for reflection, for sharing different perspectives. A kind of incubator… a project to support the development of human/universal consciousness.

“Enlightenment is when the wave realises it is the ocean”

This space is ideal for study sessions for small groups, intimate talks, clarification sessions on various topics, training circles, among other activities.

It will always be possible to take advantage of all the associated services such as coffee/tea breaks, meals, an outdoor relaxation area (terrace) and accommodation.

Room area: 33,15 m2

Maximum capacity: 30 people

Services available:
– Wireless internet
– Data show for screen projection
– Flip chart paper
– Tables for work

To book or for more information, please contact us:
T: (+351) 258 822 258 / (+351) 964 990 730

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