guesthouse, restaurant and more…

Over the years we have been working on our cuisine and we realise that it is possible to maintain tradition, implicit in the simplicity of old recipes, without depriving it of the influence of new trends.

"Tradinnovate" is our goal !


The restaurant on the ground floor is a traditional restaurant, where some of Vó Micas’ best recipes are still “cooked”.

We have chosen to offer a seasonal menu with a focus on the “specialties’ of the day” made from the recipes of the cooks who pass through here, in particular Vó Micas.

A more careful presentation, a choice of healthier cooking processes and the offer of a menu that covers different diets make this influence more concrete. This is why we are betting on a team that embraces the added value of tradition and maximises it with their new knowledge. In this way, we will continue to make history for at least another… 75 years!

Opening hours: 12h – 14h45 | 19h – 21h45
Weekly rest: Wednesday
Normal capacity: 45 seats
Maximum capacity (Groups): 80 seats
Average price (per person): € 25,00

By reservation:
We accept groups for work or leisure, and organise special events such as christenings/communions, weddings, themed dinners and tasting dinners (even on the rest day).

Groups Menu: € 20,00 a € 50,00 (per person)
Includes: Couvert, Appetisers, 1 to 2 Main Courses, 1 to 3 Desserts, Drinks and Coffee.



couvert various types of bread, olives and cheese in virgin olive oil and oregano € 2.50
vegetable soup, each day a different recipe € 3,00
Caldo verde ( green broth) € 3.50
fish soup, flavoured with fresh coriander € 4.50
alheira sphere, with cheese and quince jam € 8.50
roast vegetables with goat’s curd, honey and nuts € 8.50
prawns in olive oil and garlic, flavoured with lemon and chilli € 16.00 . 6 pcs / extra pcs + € 2.75


hake fillets, with tomato rice € 15,00
cod steak, each day a different recipe € 22,00
fish from the fish market, when it’s available… € 15.00 – € 20.00
octopus in casserole, potatoes, boiled carrots and turnip shoots  € 24,00
prawn and saffron fettuccine € 15,00
penne with clams, leek, coloured peppers and coriander € 14.00
vegetable curry with wild rice € 14,00
cachena on the grill, sausage rice and cabbage € 20.00
duck leg confit, roast mashed potatoes, mushrooms € 25.00
Children’s menu- fish – hake fillet with wild rice € 12,00
Children’s menu- meat – turkey steak with chips € 12,00

individual portion
mixed salad € 3,50
sautéed vegetables € 3,50
wild rice € 3,50
chips € 3,00


dessert of your choice € 4,50
sliced fruit € 3.50
tasting of 4 desserts € 10,00
Serra da Estrela cheese with homemade quince jam  € 6.00

Speciality of the day
Every day we have a different speciality, see what we suggest today!